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Foolproof Financial Freedom

Get over your fear of managing your own money. Through quality education in personal finance, you can

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Hi! I am Avanti, the face and mind behind Foolproof Financial Freedom. Through this portal, I want to bring you quality Financial Education that will help you build create and build wealth.

I am an investment analyst with an MBA in finance and a CFA charter. What that means is I have spent 2000+ hours studying finance. I have read hundreds of books on personal finance and wealth building, and spend countless hours researching and analyzing investments. And…, I can talk endlessly about wealth-building.

I have a two personal finance courses on this site. The Foolproof Financial Foundation course teaches you the fundamentals necessary to start building your wealth. The Foolproof Financial Freedom course is a step-by-step course teaches you everything you need to know about achieving financial freedom.

If you don’t want to invest in financial education right now, I have some free content for you at FoodLifeAndMoney. I also have some free financial calculators for you if you are interested. Check them out. They are very handy.

Our Course Offerings

Foolproof Financial Foundation

This 3-module mini-course helps you build a strong financial foundation and take the first step towards your financial freedom even if you know absolutely nothing about math, finance or managing money.

Foolproof Financial Freedom

This 8-module step-by-step course helps you automate your finances even if you know nothing about finance, math or managing money so that you can build wealth on autopilot instead of spending hours on budgeting and overthinking investments and instead spend time on what you enjoy doing the most.

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